Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Other One

So, this whole day in the life thing didn't work out.  Turns out the other blogger who did it 1) took notes each day and then wrote about it (which would have been a good idea since my brain can barely remember my name at the moment), and 2) she works.  Nothing against working, but this means that from 9am-5pm everyday she wrote "work." But, I'm not getting rid of it for good.  I still think it's a worthwhile endeavor and one I will try and repeat when I actually take notes and blog daily about what I did.  For me, this was a good way to explain to people what I do when they are totally confused how I don't get bored by being a stay-at-home mom.  Who has time to get bored?

On to other exciting things... Chloe Marie will be here in 5 weeks and 2 days.  Last week I saw the OB and Endocrinologist and today I saw the perinatologist (for the last time... yippee) and feel pretty confident that I'll have a c-section on May 5th.  Here are some reasons why:
  1. Apparently Chloe has decided to go every which way but head down.  She has been transverse (across my stomach) for weeks and just in the last day or so has started to shift to head up and feet down - breech (which feels really good on the inside by the way - and there was a lot of sarcasm in that statement) which is not how anyone wants her to be.  She still has 5 weeks to change her position but no medical person seems optimistic about the situation.
  2. I am not at a very VBAC (vaginal birth after c-section) friendly hospital.  While my OB has agreed to put off the c-section for as long as she thinks is prudent and allow me time to go in to labor on my own, every other medical person (down to the ultrasound tech) who finds out I delivered Evan by c-section automatically says, "Oh, so you already have one scheduled for Chloe?"
  3. There is nothing going on down there.  I'll find out for sure in 2 weeks when my OB wants to check my dilation (or lack thereof depending on how it all pans out).
However, on the bright side, Brian might be taking a trip to Portland Oregon in early May and if he does that then you know I'm definitely going in to labor.  Because people, that's my life and welcome to it.

So, at the perinatologist today they took a 3-D ultrasound of Miss Chloe.  Here is what she looks like as of today:

The quality of this 3-D ultrasound is so much better than it was with Evan (I guess this is the difference between an OB's office and a perinatologist's office).  Here is Evan's 3-D ultrasound:

(And I rest my case)

Anyway, back to the other one.  Unlike Evan's photo above, I don't find that Chloe looks creepy at all.  In fact, I think she looks super cute and I think she looks like a "Rocereto."  Look at that nose... that comes directly from my side of the family.  The only thing I can't tell (and I forgot to ask) is if she has any hair.  Yes, I'm still obsessed with the hair.  More so with her since I've been having dreams that she is born with a full head of black curls.  I guess that is one thing I will have to wait for.

But, all is good.  They approximate that she is currently 5lbs 11oz and measuring at 36 weeks gestation (which apparently is completely normal so why the measurements don't fit the weeks I don't know).  Her heart rate was 136 bpm and she is a mover (no surprise to mama). 

Whatever happens we will meet her soon and I'll keep you all up to date.

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  1. CONGRATS! so exciting. I am c-sectioning, too...May 19. I don't think I need to "prove my pelvis"...I already know it works. :) Good luck!