Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Weather Calls for Showers

Today was the day.  I have been meaning to go to the library for some time to get a library card and to see how Evan and Chloe could handle a place where silence reigns supreme and everyone moves at a slow and controlled pace.  Getting the card was a success... and it turns out that neither Evan nor Chloe is truly ready for the library (since they saw it as a place to climb all over the chairs, chase each other down aisles, and literally climb through empty bookshelves).  So I grabbed some books on topics that have been coming up in conversation, vowed to come back with only one of them at a time or by myself (but that would mean I'd have to be alone which has been rare in the last 16 months), and left the library.

(On a completely unrelated note Evan, who has decided that potty training is nothing but a power struggle so we have put him completely in charge of his own destiny so he chooses when to wear underwear and when not to, chose to wear underwear to the library today.  Once there, I had to gently coerce him - read walk his tantrum-throwing-behind - to the restroom since he clearly had to go... and he did.  He used a public restroom.  It wasn't a stall it was a family restroom but it wasn't his either.  I'm proud of him for that.)

Outside of the Rockville Public Library is Rockville Town Square.  In the town square is a patch of turf (which was being replaced but is usually a good place to let the kids run around), a stage where they put on live music but they don't like children to play on, and an interactive fountain.  Since all of our public pools are closed for the summer I thought for sure that the fountain would be closed too (and it wasn't on when we went in to the library so I felt supported in my assumption).

But, and I'm sure you saw this coming, I was wrong.  The fountain was on when we walked outside.  And while it wasn't super warm at 11:00 AM this morning it was sunny and warm enough so that when my daughter squealed and ran to the fountains and my son was saying "No Chlo-Chlo, we don't have our bathing suits," I decided to just say "F--- it," (but not out loud to them) and let them run in the fountain.

Here was the little girl:

And here was the little man:

And here is the live action shot of the chaos:

They were so wet, having so much fun, and so obviously not prepared clothes-wise that I had nannies stopping and watching.  No kidding.  Once even told me I was brave - but they were all smiling.

Of course I was not prepared to have my children running through a fountain today so as they sat there soaking wet and freezing I had to think on my feet.  Since Evan wore underwear today I had a baggie or extra clothes in my diaper bag.  Therefore, Chloe got Evan's t-shirt and Evan got a new pair of underwear and shorts.  I even had another extra pair of underwear I used to sponge off the children.  Then we came home, Evan and I ate tuna sandwiches while Chloe showed her disdain for a non-peanut butter, non-banana, and non-mac and cheese meal by pushing her dish away from her immediately. 

And then Chloe took a nap while Evan decided he wasn't tired (second time this week... I'm worried about this).  And they all lived happily ever after (until the next blow-up).

As an aside - and something that has nothing to do with this actual post but that I thought of when I titled this post - one time Evan looked outside on a sunny day and said in his best 80-year old retired weatherman voice "I think it's going to rain" and my response was, "Why?  Do you feel it in your bones?"  So now, whenever he tells me it is going to rain he tells me he feels it in his "toes."  Sometimes I want to hug him instead of strangle him.

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