Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Warning: There is Some Serious Cuteness Here

So, we finally got our shit together and took the initiative to get family photos done (my brother-in-law took some fabulous family photos of us earlier this year - was it that recently? - and we just haven't gotten around to making choices for final prints... we are professional procrastinators) of our family with Brian's parents as well.  As I said, Brian and I are King and Queen of procrastination so I think Ashley Dougherty was perfect for us since she sends us our photos on a DVD and within certain parameters we are allowed to reproduce or share the photos as we wish.  She was wonderful with the children, one of whom wouldn't sit still and one of whom needed 45 minutes to warm up before she would smile, great with my in-laws, and really seems to understand the flow of our family.  I love the photos and wanted to share with you all my favorites:

This is such an amazing picture of Chloe.  I think it captures her sweetness and mischief all in one.

Hello - how much do I love pictures from behind?  And then to have Chloe turn around... priceless.

This is my little man at his finest - crazy hair and all.

If I wore a locket, this is the picture I would put in it.

Three generations. 

Come on... I know you want one of him but he is one of a kind... thankfully. 

Someone had all she could stands... but how could I not include a photo of "Daddy's little girl"?

One big happy family.
Thanks Ashley - you exceeded our expectations!

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  1. They're all wonderful! Chloe looks like a little doll and Evan's curls are the sweetest. Love the shots of Mom and Dad too!