Monday, March 26, 2012

You May Remember Me...

So... umm... it's been some time since I've posted.  In fact, it's been so long that this is what Evan and Chloe now look like:

I've accepted their new look but Brian is in the process of staging an intervention. 

I'm just kidding - about the picture, but it has been a really long time since I've blogged.  So let's catch up:

In November Brian started looking for a new job (the great state of Georgia turned out to be not so great).  He interviewed with people in NJ, San Antonio, and MD.  Right after Christmas he took the job in MD, or as I've been told - the DC metro area.  We contacted our real estate agent to let him know we would be selling the house in which we had lived for 10 months and spent 6 months building.  Oddly enough, he had potential buyers in mind and wanted them to see the place before we put it on the market.  By mid-January we had a contract on our house (seriously, our real estate agent is a genius, if you live in the Atlanta area please use Shane Little at Avenue Realty, I can't say enough good things about him) and we were looking at placed in MD.  In February we spent a week with my family (parents, sister and her family) in Cancun - fabulous and of course difficult with 2 small children - came home, finished packing and moved to Rockville, MD - where we now live.

So, I've been a little busy.  But I do want to keep you up to date on the lives of the Castrucci children.  Some quick points and then I can hopefully get back to blogging as usual:

  • Since we left Atlanta, little girl has learned to pull herself up, cruise on furniture, and stand on her own.  We are minutes away from walking people and then chaos reigns supreme.

Chloe holding on to the gate at the top of our stairs which Brian engineered since our railing is metal.  Our rental house is a little flip flopped that the kitchen and bedrooms are on the second floor.  

  • Toddler boy is obsessed with my iPhone.  He likes to play games on it, touch the screen, and most of all take pictures and videos.  I spend a lot of time deleting close-ups of the couch.  And then I find photos like this:

    I actually have a whole set of these.  I'm going to keep them and someday publish a study of Evan of himself.
  • Evan has become quite the climber at the playground and of course he can do everything "all by himself."

    At the park that is less than half a mile from us.  Sunny days are very good days around here.
  • Chloe's new favorite place to be in the house is the bathroom - preferably while Evan is taking a bath.  Brian described Chloe's fascination as a carnival game.  She stands next to the tub, waits for a toy to float by, grabs it out and throws it behind her so she can get the next toy floating past. 

I don't have a picture of Chloe playing in the bathroom because I still struggle with the whole there-are-creeps-out-there-who-I-don't-want-looking-at-my-children-in-a-non-child-way so here is a picture of my beautiful little girl for your viewing pleasure.

  • Evan refuses to wear a shirt.  Pretty much all the time.  Thankfully I can usually distract him when we are outside but once he gets inside the thing comes off.  And if you get him singing then you might get something like this:

At my parent's house because now that they are only a little over 2 hours away I can actually visit them without the stress of air travel and children.
  • My little girl is growing up... and I'm not sure I'm okay with it.   

 Again at my parents house... our rental is not that nice (but it's actually quite pleasant and cozy in a way our house in Atlanta never was... but then I've always liked older homes... but we will save that soapbox for another day).

So hopefully life has now returned to normal-enough and I can start regularly blogging again.  Chloe has a lot of milestones coming up and Evan is always up to something so I know I won't be short of material.

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