Thursday, March 29, 2012

What We Did Today

Today it was sunny out.  And when it's sunny out, unless there is some mitigating circumstance, then we're at the park.  Because, and I don't know if I've ever told you all this, I think of Evan as a jack russell terrier.  My friend Danielle has a jack russell terrier and when the dog was younger Danielle used to say that a well-behaved jack russell terrier is a tired jack russell terrier.  So, to make the connection, a well-behaved Evan is a tired Evan.  Therefore, we go to parks and Evan gets to run and run and run.  Luckily there are a lot of parks around me.

Here is where we went today:

There was another play set (attached to the slide on the right) which was for younger kids and swings as well.  It was a very cool park.  I'm assuming that by the end of this summer I'll be able to give a review of all parks within a 10 mile radius of my house.

So, once we got to the park, after Evan decided he needed to walk on his own for almost the entire mile, two things happened:

1. Chloe fell asleep (her morning nap):

2. Evan ran to the play set and climbed up this ladder without any assistance from me:

I swear the boy needs me less and less each day.  Once I potty train him all I'll be is his chef... and the boo-boo kisser (important job that). 

There were some other children at the park as well, mostly younger than Evan, so he kind of played with them and then decided that Chloe had slept long enough.  Before I could stop him, the little bugger is fast, he ran over and started screaming "Chlo Chlo wake up."  Sadly, she woke up (sadly for her since she didn't get a very long nap). 

To make up for his rude awakening of Chloe, Evan decided to do the big brother thing and pushed her in the swing.  Nothing made her happier (or me happier since all I had to do was sit by and watch, oh, and tape this video).

And look - they are both wearing coats, socks, and shoes (well, Evan is).  It's a banner day.

We then took the long trek home, lunch, naps, grocery store, and some backyard cleanup.  During which, when my back was turned, Evan decided it was time to go inside.  I saw him just as the door shut and then heard it lock.  I was on the phone with Brian when I found out that not only had he locked the door but he had locked the screen door.  And here is where we (Brian and I) actually thought we outsmarted Evan and instead bit ourselves in the behind.  Because, when we moved into the house it turned out that Evan could reach all the locks on the doors, unlock them and get out of the house.  So, since we are such smart parents we childproofed all the doorknobs in the house on the inside so Evan couldn't open any doors.  Therefore, when Evan locked me out of the house this afternoon even though he could easily unlock the door... he couldn't turn the handle to let me in.  Thankfully Brian was on his way home from work so I only had about 20 minutes to wait outside with Chloe.

When Brian got home he was convinced that Evan didn't mean to lock me out (I was not so convinced).  So he asked Evan if he meant to lock me out and Evan answered "yes" over and over again.  However, Brian was still not convinced.  Then I shared the picture of Evan that I took through he window and Brian had to admit that Evan probably did it on purpose:

Does this look like the face of an innocent boy?

So, I finally got back in the house, cooked dinner, fed everyone, pajamas on for everyone, bed for the children, Brian spent 45 minutes taking out the last of our move garbage, and now it's time for bed.

Tomorrow is supposed to be sunny... guess where I'll be...


  1. That park looks awesome! I love the comparison of Evan to a jack russell... I know many kids who would fit that description, lol. Glad the locked-out situation wasn't too horrible!

  2. Nora Arant BrennanMarch 31, 2012 at 7:59 PM

    OMG I love it. The day before I went into the hospital to have AJ, I came home from work. Still with purse on arm and keys in hand, John came running out of the living room, saying, "where is he?" I said, "by 'HE', I assume you mean Emmett". and I am guess ing he's outside becuase the back door is standing open, swaying in the breeze". E was outback, just walking along the 4 foot high wall next to the pond. no stress there!