Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Weekend Errands

This past Saturday our errands included a trip to The Container Store.  I love The Container Store.  When I walk into it I feel cleansed and I seriously believe that I can organize all the miscellaneous items in my house so that my world looks contained.  Even though I know the store is set up to make me believe that and that when I go home I'll still be living in chaos... I still believe.

The best part about doing errands on the weekends is that one grown-up can entertain Evan while the other one focuses on the task at hand.  For instance, a few weekends ago we went to Dillard's so Brian could buy socks (which turned into we went to Dillards so Brian could spend a couple hours staring at suits, trying them on, and then not buying any of them).  While Brian gabbed with the sales associate I played with Monkey.  He had on his shoes, so I put him down and we were off.  We explored every inch of the men's department at Dillards.  He was so jazzed - running from one table to the next, pulling socks of the display, giggling and laughing - he loved the freedom.  Thankfully it was a slow day at Dillards.

So, for the trip to The Container Store, it was Brian's turn to entertain Monkey.  Following my lead of a few weeks ago, Brian put Monkey down and he was off.  However, The Container Store is a little different from Dillards for two main reasons: 1) It was way more crowded, and 2) everything is at Monkey's level and fits in Monkey's hands.  After about 10 minutes of restocking The Container Store, Brian decided it was time to entertain Monkey some other way and this is what he came up with:

Please excuse the quality... these were taken with my phone.  But I couldn't resist.

Isn't Daddy the coolest?


  1. OK- that's funny! esp w the pacifier!!!

  2. Luuurve The Container Store. Unfortunately, as soon as I start realizing how expensive it would be to organize my mess, I lose interest and almost feel justified in being a closeted slob (literally, my closets are a horror).