Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I May Have Been a Bit Presumptious

My last post declared our household free and clear of sickness... well... after another trip to the pediatrician for (you guessed it) diarrhea I'm thinking there was some wishful thinking on my part.  Monkey had another round of diarrhea and his diaper rash turned into a yeast infection. 

But, I do believe that now I can declare us sickness free (I REALLY hope I'm not jinxing his little bum by saying this).  And I thought I would share with you what an illness free Monkey is like.

A little over a month ago, Monkey figured out how to open the drawers of our bedside tables (which are really small little dressers of 4 drawers each).  Brian's drawers are pretty much empty since all of his clothes are in the closet.  Mine, however, has all of my socks, underwear, and bras.  So, after spending a few weeks re-stocking the drawers every night and being leery about putting underwear back in the drawer that Monkey touched (and therefore doing 3-4 loads of underwear laundry every week) I was able to move my underwear... well, almost all of it.

I have 3 pairs of underwear that I bought once "on a whim."  It isn't really underwear I would wear (and no, I'm not going to go into detail about what I do wear - a girl has to have some secrets, even a blogger) so it's always been that underwear that sits there and if.. if I have not done laundry in a LONG time then I have to wear it.  I think that has happened one time in the last four years.  So I decided to leave those pairs in the drawer so he would still have something to play with when he opens the drawer.

And this is how he plays with them:

In this one he is wearing the panty like a necklace and holding another pair in his hand (it's just waiting to become a necklace as well).

Still walking around with the necklace (it's a lot safer than you think - they are big to begin with and he has stretched them out quite a bit).

Now we've moved on to the panty as a mask (do you now understand why I didn't want to wear any panties AFTER he had played with them?).

Still as a mask here but making its way to a hat. 

He also uses then as peek-a-boo devices, teething cloths, and things to flick at the cats.  I was not aware of the many things you could do with a pair of panties.

He makes a mother proud.

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