Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Birthday Recap... Finally

I know, it's almost been a whole month since Monkey's birthday but better late than never... no?  And, I'll let you in on another secret... I still haven't sent out the thank-you cards yet either (sorry to all the recipients, my goal is to get them out this weekend). 

So, let's recap.  Monkey's birthday was on Thursday, August 26.  This is what he looked like when he woke up:

I know it was only 4 weeks ago, but he doesn't fit into those pajamas anymore... he is growing WAY too fast.

Later that day his grandparents from Florida (Brian's parents) came to be with him.  They brought him yummy yummy Edible Arrangements and he got to enjoy the fruit for most of the weekend.  When Daddy came home from work we all had a birthday dinner for Monkey and then went to Morelli's for some ice cream.

On Friday his birthday continued (because that is our way... birthday should last at least a weekend if not a full week) and Evan, his grandparents and I went down to the park for him to explore.    And look, this time he fits into the swing as compared to this time.

Then we went back to the apartment because his grandparents from New Jersey (my parents) were on their way to the house.  Once they arrived we had lunch and Monkey took his nap.  After his nap everyone played a little bit and I cooked a big pasta dinner with meatballs.  Somehow I sat 6 adults and one baby in an apartment that only has a 2 person eating bar.

Then came Saturday... the actual celebration day for his birthday.  We opened presents (here are just a few photos):

He played with his grandparents.  We went to the park again, with everyone...

...then to the pool, we went out to dinner at The Shed (yummy) and then we went home for the Monkey Cake... literally.

I made Evan a monkey cake.  All went well until I went to pipe on the detail icing.  I got the wrong tips so between me, my mom, and Brian's mom, we found solutions and everything turned out okay:

We all sang happy birthday (as you got to hear in this post) and took our pictures with the Monkey while he ate his cake:

(Mommy, Daddy, and Monkey)

(Papa, Grandma, and Monkey)

(Maga, Grandpa, Grandpa's beard, and Monkey)

On Sunday the NJ grandparents left and the birthday weekend wound down.  Not too bad for the first birthday!

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