Monday, July 26, 2010

Move #4,356,781

Well, no, there haven't really been that many moves.  But, since I've met Brian (8 years ago), we have moved a total of 5 times so far (with the 6th time hopefully happening within the next 6 months) and this counts moves within the same state/town as well as cross-country moves.  You would think that since I've moved so many times that I would be better at moving... but sadly I'm still a slacker which is why it took my so long to get back to my blog.

Here is a brief run-down of our most recent move:

July 11: Brian's dad comes to watch Monkey while we move
July 12: I run around trying to finish all the packing while Brian's dad entertains Monkey
July 13: Most of our stuff moves from one apartment to another (there were some last minute things that we had to move on our own - like Brian's clothes - and some stuff that has to go in to storage that wasn't moved)
July 14: Brian's dad sticks around for most of the day so I can manically unpack most of the kitchen and all of Monkey's room
July 15 - 17: I'm on my own with Monkey and slowly (very slowly) get another box or two unpacked, get to the grocery store, and do some other tasks that let life keep going.
July 17: Brian has a meltdown about the chaos in the house.  I paraphrase, but he said: "I'm chaos already, I can't have my house be chaos too."
July 18: Brian leaves for a conference in San Antonio and my Mom arrives to help me finish this unpacking thing
July 19 & 20: My mom drives me insane by insisting we do everything right now... but we get it done... all boxes are unpacked and most items have a home.
July 20: Brian arrives home late in the afternoon and makes some comment about how the house looks "good."  My mom reminds him that we worked hard to get the house to this level and that he should find another adjective (she did this in a really nice way, it only sounds snarky because I'm writing it) and Brian agreed.  I believe his next adjective was "fantastic" which my mom approved.
July 21: My mom returns, exhausted, back to New Jersey.
July 22: Molly Maids perform a final house clean at our loft. We inspect it later... they did a poor job.
July 23: Molly Maids performs another final house clean while I oversee it with Monkey.  I bring back most of the remaining items from loft to apartment.
July 24: We go to Ikea to return the first set of bar stools we bought because they were too high and return with 2 more.  I put together one.  I try to put together the other one but it turns out a bar is not threaded and the screw doesn't fit.
July 25: Brian cleans out remainder of loft.  He also returns the defective chair for another one.  We go out to lunch at a fabulous barbecue place and Monkey eats a pulled pork sandwich.  I try to put together the Ikea chair... same problem different chair.  We return this chair to Ikea, test the next one AT the store, return home, and I put together the second chair.
July 26: I accept the fact that the apartment has earwigs (what are earwigs you ask... well look here if you are brave).  I accept that no apartment is perfect.  I accept that the insect world has completely defeated me (you may remember I had an ant infestation in the loft).

So, what is to come next for the Castruccis?

  • Trip to Florida to visit Brian's parents this week

  • My sister visits the second week in August

  • Monkey's 1st birthday (I know, I'm already crying) at the end of August with my parents, Brian's parents, and some dear friends we haven't seen in a while (yay Huebin)

  • September... month of rest
But, I know the real reason you come to this blog... Monkey photos.  So here are some of Monkey in our new house (I've been a little behind in picture taking - please reread this blog if you aren't sure why).

Here is Monkey playing in our bedroom when it was still in chaos.  Notice him eyeing the water gun (that we use to "discipline" the cats)... he loves it and likes to walk around with it.  You can take the boy out of Texas...

Here Monkey is playing in his new bedroom.  It has a lot more play space for him and I was able to put most of his toys in here on a bookshelf you can't see... it's around the corner on the right.  Notice the windows?  We have them everywhere.

Monkey is crawling, rapidly, to Daddy (who is the coolest person in the world according to him) in our main room.  See the cat behind Monkey?  Yes, that is fear on her face.  This apartment doesn't have nearly the same amount of places for cats to hide from the baby so they spend most of the day in our bedroom behind a closed door.  Don't feel bad for them... they are cats... they are nocturnal.

And here is my big boy playing with one of his balls.  He has taken a step or tw without holding on and uses everything that moves to help him walk.  Any day now he will be going off to college.

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