Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Monkey Growing Up

Monkey turned 11 months old on Monday.  I didn't even realize it until there was an email in my inbox automatically generated from Gerber that was titled: "Your Baby 11 Months: Week 1" (these are little information about what your baby may be doing).  At first I thought they were wrong.  Then, when I realized the date...yup, a little tear escaped.  Then Brian called me "ridiculous" and we moved on with our day.

I am sad that Monkey is growing up.  Sad simply that my little boy is taking a step away from me each day.  However, on most days this sadness is completely overshadowed by how much I love Monkey's personality as it emerges more and more each day. 

First off, this boy is funny.  I mean he is very funny.  He loves to peek around corners at you and disappear and reappear for some time. He loves to chase you and be chased.  He thinks it's hysterical that Brian tries to hide behind our ottoman but most of him is still sticking up in the air.  He loves to laugh and loves to make other people laugh.  Just take a look at this:

Secondly, he is smart.  I know, every mother says this and it's probably true for a lot of babies.  My baby is one of them.  Don't let him see what you are doing or he will figure it out.  He knew how to turn on all the faucets in the loft and is working on figuring these out.  He knows how to open all the cabinets and drawers.  He knows things I wouldn't expect an 11 month old to know... like how many numbers are in Pi (just kidding... he can only do the first 3). 

Thirdly, he is so adventurous.  I don't think he had any understanding of danger just yet (even though the cats are trying hard to teach him about it).  He just plows ahead - whether it is jumping in the pool, crawling off the bed, or hanging out with strangers.  It's all something new and wonderful.

And the last thing that makes my heart soar about Monkey, the one thing that hasn't changed since his birth is that he is my precious little angel.  I had to go and wake him from his nap today and here is what I found:

I know, you want to crawl in to that crib with him and just cuddle.  But just know that if you did he would hate it - he's like his mother, not much of a cuddler.

Of course what you don't get to experience is the fact that he had a giant poopy during his nap... but still my precious little angel with a good evacuation system.

Let's hope this is a stage he never grows out of (the angel stage... not the pooping).

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