Wednesday, May 9, 2012

12 Month Visit

Yes, Chloe had a birthday on Sunday.  And as soon as I've fully accepted that my little girl is no longer a baby I'll share all the excitement with you.  Until then you will have to settle for this picture of Chloe and Evan eating Chloe's birthday cupcake (strawberry cupcake with strawberry cream cheese icing):

But I will discuss with you Chloe's 12-month pediatrician's appointment.  Here are the stats:

Weight: 22lbs 8oz (75%)
Height: 28&3/4 inches (45%)
Head: 18&1/4 inches (85%)

Basically, she is still short and round.  And even though the pediatrician assured me this isn't indicative of how she will be when she grows up... come on... she comes from short and round.

Speaking of,  because I'm a child of the 80s and because my mind is sick and twisted, whenever I think of Chloe being short and round I automatically think of Short Round from the move "Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom":

There is absolutely no resemblance except in my mind.  Seriously, this is what I see every time.

Some other highlights:
  • No more formula - we are done bottles in the Castrucci household
  • She was a trooper with her shots - lots of yelling that ended quickly
  • Pediatrician couldn't hear a murmur so maybe it's all gone now
  • She is 100% healthy
I promise to share with you all her birthday at the latest by this weekend.

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