Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Pharmacologically Supported

Okay... before I jump in and tell you all about DC (in another post) I wanted to finally spill my secret.  So, thanks to Synthroid, Metformin, Progesterone suppositories, and some antibiotic I had to take for a bladder infection I am happy to share with you all that I'm pregnant.

I swear, it's true and somewhere in the highlighted section of the photo below is a little baby at 12 weeks old:

Oddly enough, this was kind of a surprise to Brian and me.  I say "oddly" because as you know from my posts about Evan's conception, I take Metformin to ovulate and therefore I check my ovulation monthly to make sure it is working.  So, one would think that two intelligent people (that would be Brian and I), if they have marital relations (that was the best euphemism I could come up with knowing my mom reads this blog) when the female is ovulating, would then not be surprised when the test comes up positive.  But we were... incredibly surprised and incredulous.  The problem is that it took us so long to get pregnant with Evan that who would have thought... just one time...

Anyway, the first trimester is behind me and this pregnancy is VERY different from Evan's.  Yes, I was EXHAUSTED my first trimester and slept more often than not but I also had nausea and am now having hot flashes.  I'm a little concerned... because with Evan the pregnancy was so easy and I got this even tempered little man... what does this temperamental pregnancy mean?

Anyway, my due date is May 9th (like I need another Taurus in my life - my Dad and Brian) and as it gets closer we will discuss delivery options (I'm hoping that the baby can just teleport from my womb).

And that's my secret...

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  1. Yea! I'm glad you're ready to share the good news with the whole world (or at least it's internet denizens). So another Taurus, huh? I looked up at that card I keep on my bulletin board with the funny attributes of zodiac signs and for Taurus it says: patient, mild mannered, weird about cats. If it's true, this kiddo should be a breeze for you. (Of course, it may not be so predictive as Brian doesn't exactly fit that profile, except for the cat thing).